All Around Cabling Solutions is your complete telecommunication service. From complicated communication hardware, LAN concentrators, network operating software and fiber optic systems to IBM cabling systems, coax, twisted pair and telephone moves, adds or changes All Around Cabling Solutions will be there to meet your needs.

Our wide range of services includes:

Fiber Optic Installation

Consulting and Designing

All Around Cabling Solutions offers in-depth analysis for your communication requirements followed by a recommendation for cost effective communication system tailored to your present needs and future growth potential.

Structured Wiring Installation

Whether this is a new system or your present cable plant, All Around Cabling Solutions will install your cable adhering strictly to structured wiring codes.

  • Documentation
  • Telephone systems
  • CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6
  • Ethernet
  • Token ring
  • Moves, adds and changes
  • Twisted pair
  • Fiber optics
  • FDDI
  • CDDI

Telephone Systems, Voicemail & Paging

All Around Cabling Solutions sales and maintains new and used Digital, Hybrid and Key Telephone Systems. Voice Mail, Automated Attendant and other voice processing applications are available.

Fully integrated Paging Systems including Zone and Overhead Paging with Background Music.

Network Hardware, Cable Parts & Accessories

All Around Cabling Solutions can supply you with any type of topology specific network hardware, patch cords, connectors or adapters for any type of data, LAN or voice network.


On-site indepth analysis of your telecommunication situation - whether it be fiber, coax, twisted pair or any other system failures.